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Thanksgiving will be here soon and I would like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with family and friends!

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 Featured Article  
The current interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate is at about 3.76% and 2.98% for a 15 year fixed rate.
There is a strong possibility that the Fed will decide to raise the interest rate when they meet in December.

Below is the latest TrendGraphix for single family homes in Folsom


Folsom Named Best Place in California for Families

The City of Folsom was recently named the best place in California to raise a family, according to personal finance site WalletHub.com. WalletHub compared 240 California cities across 22 key metrics. Folsom landed the top spot thanks to quality housing, parks and neighborhoods, public safety and family recreational opportunities.  

 Neighborhood News  

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Best Ways to Boost Creditworthiness :
Source – Take Charge America

1. Limit the Number of Cards

People are bombarded with dazzling credit card offers, but applying for too many can negatively impact credit while also increasing the risk of deep debt.

2. Avoid Fees

Credit card companies charge fees for late payments—even when it’s just a day or two—and for exceeding card limits, even if it’s only a few dollars. Worse, exceeding limits or making late payments may trigger a higher interest rate and show up on your credit report.

3. Pay Off Balances Every Month

Many people fall into the trap of making just the minimum payment, but paying off balances ensures consumers aren’t wasting money on interest.

4. Never Get a Cash Advance

The prospect of quick cash is tempting, but advances almost always come with hefty fees and high interest.

5. Don’t Close Old Accounts…

While this may seem counterintuitive, closing a card may negatively impact your credit because it reduces credit-to-debt ratio and credit history, both major factors credit bureaus use to calculate scores.

6. …Unless There Is a Steep Annual Fee

In this case, the benefits of closing the account may outweigh the potential effect on credit.

7. Review Statements Each Month

It’s important to check your account statements monthly to ensure they are accurate and that you understand the terms.

8. Opt-Out of Prescreening

Minimize the temptation to open new cards by opting out of pre-screened offers at optoutprescreen.com.

9. Use the Perks

Credit cards offer perks beyond travel rewards and cash back, but many don’t know about them. Agreements spell out all of the benefits, from buyer protection and car rental discounts to extended warranties and free airport lounge access.

10. Use Cards Online

With identity theft on the rise, use credit when making purchases online. If your number is stolen, you will not be out any money while the card company investigates. With debit cards, the money may be inaccessible while the situation is being resolved.

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